Bangkok Flooding - Charity Needed

Over a week has passed since the 2011 Thailand Open, yet Bangkok has still been on everyone's minds daily as the flooding continues to escalate and threaten the entire community.  I was lucky to get a flight in before the flood gates were opened to the northeastern districts of Bangkok, which could have affected Suvarnabhumi Airport.  Flying in, I could see how much of northern Bangkok was absolutely underwater.

During the entire tournament, the weather was beautiful and the areas around central Bangkok weren't affected by flooding at all.  However, many of the locals were hosting not only out-of-town competitors, but friends from the Bangkok outskirts whose homes had been flooded.  The BJJ Association of Thailand members are donating everything they can to helping those in need, above and beyond the 100 baht promised from each entry.  Grips Gym from Hong Kong donated loads of dry goods at the competition as well as a cash donation, as did Lotus Gym from Australia.

Professor Adam Kayoom's Q23 Academy hosted a charity seminar with eight black belts and around 50 students attending and raised almost 40,000 baht for flood relief.  It was an incredible treat to have 100 years of knowledge in one room sharing freely. A big thank you is deserved for Professors Adam Kayoom, Dan Simmler, Stephen Kamphuis, Makoto Ogasawara, Marcos Escobar, Andy Wang, Rodrigo Caporal and Ray Elbe for donating their time to a worthy cause.
The biggest thing that impressed me - beyond the actual techniques shown by each professor - was the openness they exhibited towards one another.  Long after the seminar was concluded, they exchanged techniques and variations with one another, asking questions and joking around.  It was humbling and fulfilling to know that knowledge is not finite.
We will bring you updates of the BJJAT and Q23 Academy efforts to provide flood relief.  If you want to donate, please contact the gyms and associations listed in Thailand on BJJ Asia or contact your Thai friends directly.  Many Bangkok residents are also seeking overseas accommodations while the floodwaters continue to affect their homes.  MMA in Asia has donated $1,000HKD to the seminar's flood relief campaign.  It isn't much, but I hope it will help provide some small amount of assistance to ease a family's suffering at a crucial time

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  1. I am not part of BJJ crowd but as a Thai (living in HK) like to Thanks for the kindness and thoughtfullness of the team for the donation. I am sure the donation will be of great appreciation to the suffering family not just in material value but more so in the spirit of help from people whom they do not know.
    May your good deed return to you all in great health, satu (equivalent of Amen).