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W -‎ UNIVERSAL REALITY COMBAT CHAMPIONSHIP (URCC) has organized a drive to help the victims of Typhoon Sendong. please help and pass along.

W - ‎Nightmare Of Battle delivers news of championships at DEEP 57: Doo Ho Choi versus Kazunori Yokota for the Featherweight title, and Bantamweight champ 大塚隆史 Takafumi Otsuka defends against Yoshiro Maeda (前田吉朗). Also on the card Mizuto Hirota (廣田瑞人) versus Seichi Ikemoto 池本誠知. February 18th, 2012! Two Title Fights At The 57th Impac

W - ‎Brittany Ann Decker's crisp account of DEEP 56 at Iron Forges Iron, with pictures and video link.

DEEP 56 Impact Results « Brittany Decker « Contributors « Iron Forges Iron™ DEEP “56th Impact” took place on December 16th at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan. Among the fights, Yuya Shirai and Tasuke Okuno battled it out for the WW title…

W - here's PRO Fighting MMA's Heavyweight bracket including Vaughn Anderson andNaechul Kim, plus bouts between Will TheKill Chope vs Isamu Himura, and Mark Striegl vs Daniel Mashamaite.

Get Ready For Chaos In A Cage!!!! PRO Fighting 6: MMA Heavyweight Grand Prix Tournament!!!! 10 Fights!!! By: Royal Chiou

W - here's Vaughn Anderson practicing technique one month before his MMA return atPRO Fighting MMA: Ubon Muay Thai Fight: The end of Vaughn Anderson's Muay Thai fight Nov 12, 2011- Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand

W - here's Mark Striegl's win via RNC at PRO Fighting MMA. props to his stand in opponent 潘文士 for taking the fight last-minute. 2011/12/18 PRO Fighting 帕西法剋綜合格鬥賽 Mark Striegl VS 潘文士

W - wow, here's a nice 'escape': Vaughn Anderson powers to his feet while IN a guillotine.
PRO Fighting - Grand Prix, Final Fight: Vaughn "Blud" Anderson vs. Wu Dong HsingDecember 18, 2011. Taipei, Taiwan.

W - confirmation from Andy Wang at PRO Fighting MMA: Vaughn Anderson smoked through the Heavyweight tournament!

W - Vaughn Anderson takes the PRO Fighting MMA Heavyweight tournament with 2 KOs and 1 TKO.

Expedient Exposures


 ‎Gareth Griffiths did a fantastic job of commenting on every match, and his photos are amazing! this feature belongs enshrined on the PRO Fighting MMA website.

Friday Fight Facts #5




W - ‎Rodrigo Caporal
, Irshaad Sayed and Shinji Ichinose just got on a plane with Cristiano Kaminishi who will corner them at RUFF锐武终极格斗 2 in Chongqing. i got the chance to speak with Caporal before he went, and we talked about his BJJ competition, his MMA record, and his philosophy behind his desire to grow MMA in Asia:  MMA in Asia: Rodrigo Caporal: Behind the Dragon's Eyes

W - CALLING ALL FIGHTERS - 注意すべての戦闘機 - 競爭對手 - 전투기 - Join the new ASIA FIGHTERS database:

W - Asia Mma ... am I DREAMing?

W - Arirang interviews spectators and fighters alike at Road Fc 5, including Denis Kang,Dong Hyun KimBen Henderson, and Chan Sung Jung.  Arirang | Korea for the World, The World for Korea

Rodrigo Caporal: Behind the Dragon's Eyes

I remember the first time I saw Rodrigo.  He was this rather short, smiling, silly-eared guy, with a Brazilianesque swagger and quick-footed catlike agility about him.  He was the new BJJ black belt in town, and I suppose I expected a sort of emanating superiority about him, but it was absent, seemingly because he was fairly young.  Still, there was something quite intense about him.  His gaze was extremely focused, and coupled with his permanent grin Caporal resembled a dragon: eagerly yet calmly waiting to attack any obstacle in his path. With that attitude, he has indeed met very few setbacks in life.

When I first saw him at home in the gym, teaching enthusiastically and rolling gently with students, I didn't see how deep that intensity went.  He's definitely a motivating coach and very vocal, yet it's all positive energy.  When I saw him in BJJ competition, I finally understood how he lets that intensity out.  And everyone in Southeast Asia felt it too.

Caporaaaal - as he's known to friends and opponents alike because it's chanted when he fights - spent his whole life in Brazil before he moved to Asia.  He fought in BJJ competitions and MMA promotions all over the country, but he never thought about relocating until the urging of Hong Kong Versus Performance's coach Quinton Arendse.  Caporal had a friend who was a brown belt teaching in the Philippines, and since his friend had good words to say about Asia, he decided to come over for a few months, do some seminars, teach a little, travel a little, see what was up.

"Wow.  Nice place."

Quinton asked, "Want to stay?"


For that first year, Rodrigo did miss his home.

"Of course, I did miss my family.  I did miss training with Durinho, Guto Campos, Calasans, Mendes bros.  But here, now I have nice friends too.  They are now my family."


注意 大家 (競爭對手, 團隊, 教練):
注意すべての戦闘機 (チーム ・ コーチ):
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MMA IN ASIA is compiling a database for Asian and Asia-based fighters. To be included, please send the following information:

NAME: Family, Given "Ring" (native language/English)
LEVEL: Amateur, Novice professional, Professional, Contender/Champion
STATS: W-L-D (if online, provide a link like Sherdog)
COUNTRY: Where you live now
TEAM: Gym you fight out of (and link)
AFFILIATION: "Free agent" or Promotion name (+ link)
VIDEO: provide a link to a fight
CONTACT: your email (will not be public)

Mail to: TriquestMMA
Subject: "FIGHTER"

All submissions will be verified for accuracy before posting.

Friday Fight Facts #4




W - The life and times of Vaughn Anderson. everything you always wanted to know. and some you didn't. MMA in Asia: Vaughn 'Blud' Anderson: The life and times of a professional fighter in Asia

Love the comments:
Yoann Gouaida hel yeh hanged out in the clubs in bkk wit that guy dude
Isaac Chang The original gangsta baby... TAI MALL style. hahaha
Joseph Douglas Atkins That guy beat me up! I'm in good company.
Andy Wang one of the toughest in all of Asia
Silas Maynard Your the man Vaughn. Wish we could bring you to Shanghai...
Daniel Isaac Vaughn is a tough dude 
Narouque - WAR BLUD!!! See u in Taiwan bro

And thanks to for picking up the story!

W - UFC 144: the PRIDE of Japan, or just a daydream? MMA in Asia: UFC Japan - Dissecting the UnderCard

W - LOOKING FOR FIGHTERS: RUFF锐武终极格斗 hosting an open tryout in Chongqing on December 10th. 在招集了全中国最顶尖的MMA精英选手之后,RUFF(锐武终极格斗)将于12月10 日和11日在重庆为新一代中国MMA格斗选手敞开八角台的大门,这也是2012年度锐武MMA选手选拔的一部分。
RUFF 将在12月10, 11日进行2012年度MMA选手选拔

Vaughn 'Blud' Anderson: The life and times of a professional fighter in Asia

Telling stories is an art. Telling true stories about your escapades seeking bloody matches with unknown opponents in foreign lands is another level completely. I’ve found one such story-teller, and his name is Vaughn “Blud” Anderson. If you are involved in any aspect of the fight game in Asia, and you don’t know Vaughn, then… well I feel sorry for you. He’s like the Bas Rutten of Asia. He kicks ass, lives the fighter’s dream, and has devastating good looks. I know, because that’s what he told me.

Naturally, I wanted to delve into his character, find out what makes this man tick, and why he has so vehemently pursued such a difficult and often dangerous life, both inside and outside the ring.

The Blud Chronicles

The son of a diplomat, Vaughn was born in the Philippines and spent his childhood there, then in Beijing. When his parents moved the family to Canada, Vaughn felt quite the opposite of what you’d expect.

“I hated it. I was just like everybody else there. I had to stand in line like everybody else. I wasn’t ‘the white kid’, I wasn’t special anymore. It made me angry so if people picked on me, I always fought back. But I had a great childhood. I had way more balls then too. I'd get in fights over nothing - good times!”

UFC Japan - Dissecting the UnderCard

For a moment, reflect upon the glory that was PRIDE matchmaking back in the day.  Nog running Rocky Balboa on Cro Cop before getting an armbar.  Cro Cop's devastating high kick unleashed on Wandy.  Wandy and Rampage's personal war.  Nick Diaz' gogoplata upset over Gomi.  Sakuraba versus Carlos Newton in a grapple brawl of the century.  Yoshihiro Takayama and Don Frye beating each other senseless.  The long-awaited match between Fedor and Cro Cop.  Royce, Hendo, Arona, Shogun, Minowa, Misaki, Sakurai, Aoki, Kawajiri.

An era of pageantry and full-on world-class MMA came to an end when PRIDE's parent company lost their Fuji Network broadcast amid scandalous allegations of yakuza involvement and the subsequent sale of the promotion to Zuffa.  DREAM was born from the ashes, Sengoku rose in prominence, and some of the top talent returned overseas to fight in the cage.  But nothing yet has filled that void in the PRIDE fans' hearts.

Even at its inception, the UFC knew the importance of Japan's fight culture and held four events there - 15.5, 23, 25 and 29.  Right after that last event, parent company SEG's financial difficulties almost sidelined the promotion and Zuffa purchased it in early 2001.  For the next 6 years, they focused on their domestic market.  In 2007, the payoff came, with results of stunning PPV buys and regular gate attendance of over 10,000 people.  Then in 2009 they began an overseas push into the European market.  Australia and Abu Dhabi were added in 2010, and back to Brazil in 2011.  Rumors of a show in China circulated after the UFC opened an office in Beijing, but nothing materialized.   And now, a staggering 12 years later, the UFC will once more hold an event Tokyo, Japan on February 26, 2012.

Friday Fight Facts #3




W - Could November 2011 go down in history as monumental for a resurgence of MMA?
MMA in Asia: The Month of Rebirth for MMA in ASIA

W - ONE Fighting Championship's announcement of a partnership with DREAM stormed the MMA community in all of Asia. with additional partnerships already in place with URCC, Dare Championship, Road Fc and CFC - Cage Fighting Championship, CEO Victor Cui proves he has big things in mind.
MMA in Asia: ONE FC: Potential to Change the Whole Game

W - Victor Cui of ONE Fighting Championship interviewed by Eddie Goldman on No Holds Barred: Victor Cui of ONE Fighting Championship

W - From City Fight Club: a great turnout at Vuyisile Colossa's White Collar MMA City Fight Club charity event Silent Auction at Privé.