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W - ‎Rodrigo Caporal
, Irshaad Sayed and Shinji Ichinose just got on a plane with Cristiano Kaminishi who will corner them at RUFF锐武终极格斗 2 in Chongqing. i got the chance to speak with Caporal before he went, and we talked about his BJJ competition, his MMA record, and his philosophy behind his desire to grow MMA in Asia:  MMA in Asia: Rodrigo Caporal: Behind the Dragon's Eyes

W - CALLING ALL FIGHTERS - 注意すべての戦闘機 - 競爭對手 - 전투기 - Join the new ASIA FIGHTERS database:

W - Asia Mma ... am I DREAMing?

W - Arirang interviews spectators and fighters alike at Road Fc 5, including Denis Kang,Dong Hyun KimBen Henderson, and Chan Sung Jung.  Arirang | Korea for the World, The World for Korea

W - Congratulations to Yasubey Enomoto, the new M-1 Challenge Welterweight Champion! "Happy to be back in the Hotel after this 5 round Fight :P sore shin and a small cut over my eye but I feel good. hope you guys enjoy my fight. New M-1 WW champ!"

W - The Korean Zombie Chan Sung Jung made weight.

W - Zombie 7 second KO:  Chan Sung Jung wins, and Korean Top Team reacts. epic 'stadium seating'. KTT VICTORY!!!!!

W - congratulations to Sam Striker Brown and Robert WhittakerLegend Fighting Championship alumni, for wins at this weekend's CFC - Cage Fighting Championship!

W - from Aaron Boyes: Sam Striker Brown wins in Sydney at CFC via doctor stoppage due to cuts from elbows. This victory is espically sweet becase Sam had a serious injury that he couldnt train for 2 weeks leading up to the fight. I wanted to pull him out but Karl said noway and the rest is history. CongradulationsSam Striker Brown!"

By: Karl Webber

W - here's a thorough look back at MuayFit's Malaysian FC 3 by Alan Cole, including a play-by-play of ALL 20 fights, pictures, and videos. just like you were there: Malaysian Fighting Championship 3 - The Full Event | MMANews Asia
Malaysian Fighting Championship 3 - The Full Event fighters from Malaysia, Singapore, Belguim, Kyrgyztan, Brazil, Pakistan, Japan, England and Turkmenistan

W - check out what Legend Fighting Championship's Yusuke Kawanago shared today from a new local bout. turn your speakers down LOW.


W - Rod Niueli MacSwainLegend Fighting Championship former Welterweight champ, was in Vegas for the TUF tryouts, but then he ends up at a bar that is showing his title fight with Hoon Kim on the big screens!!!  says Rod: "Caught the UFC at a bar in vegas with Thai boxer Alessandro Zanon and Brazilian Blackbelt Jonatas, whats playing on the other screens?? Legend FC 4 Reloaded Rod MacSwain (Hot Rod) vs Kim Hoon Title fight in HongKong! 'Sure, I'll have some free beers' =) "

W - FIGHTERS WANTED: MuayFit is accepting applications for a New Years Eve fight card:

If you want to be considered for Malaysian Fighting Championship 4 - fighting in front of 5,000 - 10,000 people - email your first name, last name (surname), date of birth, tel no, email, address, weight, height, gym affiliation and martial arts experience to us at We only have spots for 20 good fighters (10 fights). The event will be on Dec 31, 2011 as part of our government's countdown party for the people!

W - congratulations to Andrew Leone for receiving his Purple Belt today underRodrigo Praxedes at Juggernaut Fight Club! let's watch him show off his skills inONE Fighting Championship .

By: Harold Ko

W - welcome to Hong Kong, Cristiano Kaminishi!

‎W - Arnaud TheGame Lepont and Isamu Himura giving a free Muay Thai class atMuayFit.

W - RISE and SHOOTO fighters went to Miyagi Sanriku to aid in reconstruction efforts, post earthquake and tsunami. these photos - taken so long after the initial tragedy - show a truly devastated area. so much more help is needed.  格闘技いろいろ2011-NO.0- 格闘技関連の写真をアップしていきます☆

By: Satoru Kogure

W - an uplifting article about Shinya Aoki's seminar at Evolve Mixed Martial Artslast weekend by The Fight Nation's Wesley De Souza. all it's missing is (ahem) video... The Shinya Aoki Seminar @ Evolve Mixed Martial 

W - The Fight Nation was at Evolve Mixed Martial Arts this weekend for Shinya Aoki's seminar. check out the great pictures:  Shinya Aoki Seminar at Evolve MMA

‎W -Yodchatri Sityodtong named one of the best coaches of the year by xinMSN Sports:  PHOTOS: The top coaches of 2011 Go Evolve Mixed Martial Arts

W - Asia-based MMA is getting the attention of the world! this week, Eddie Goldman interviewed URCC/DEFTAC/BANF founder Alvin Aguilar. very interesting!
No Holds Barred: Alvin Aguilar of
On this edition of No Holds Barred, host Eddie Goldman speaks with Alvin Aguilar, the founder and president of the URCC. Founded in 2002 and running events regularly since then, the URCC (Universal Reality Combat Championship) is the first and largest mixed martial arts promotion in the Philippines...

W - UFC Announces 4-man Flyweight Tourny to Kick off the Division & Crown a Champion | mmainterviews. there's lots of talent waiting in the wings for an opportunity like this. too bad it's only a 4-man tournament.

Ian “Uncle Creepy” McCall has inked a deal with the UFC as has Yasuhiro Urushitani and they will compete in a four-man tournament with the winner being crowned the first UFC Flyweight Champion of the World.

D - Vitor Belfort and Wanderlei Silva Named TUF Brazil Coaches |
A rivalry will finally be settled during the first ever 'Ultimate Fighter' Brazil as Wanderlei Silva and Vitor Belfort square off as coaches.
W - new playground just installed at Phuket Top Team - MMA Training Camp, Phuket, Thailand!

L -  Officials defend care of dead fighter|Sports|  the sport of MMA is not barbaric. the lack or inadequacy of independent regulating body(ies) to oversee this sport is barbaric.

BEIJING-Officials from China's sports authority said the death of domestic athlete Shangguan Pengfei was not a result of untimely treatment or defective management by the industry, during a press conference in Beijing on Wednesday.

W - Legend Fighting Championship's announcer Vivek Mahbubani working hard to pay the bills:  Samsung GALAXY Nexus 超串廣告

W - as a leader in the Asian MMA community, Ray Elbe is wisely using his position to promote standards:
"Ideally I'd like to see more sanctioning on the events, standardized rules, legitimate medical requirements, promoter insurance for injured fighters, and just an overall more professional approach in regards to promoter/fighter relationships. In Asia the fighters aren't protected the same way they are in the USA with regulatory bodies and sanctioning agencies."  'Magical' Ray Elbe Talks Tiger Muay Thai and the Growth of Asian MMA

W -  Riki Fukuda's rehab efforts with the help of HALEO, getting ready for UFC 144 Japan.

W - Shooto's Masakatsu Ueda has signed with Bellator FCFormer Shooto Champ Ueda Signed for Bellator Bantamweight Tourney

‎W - "Akihiro Gono and Shinya Aoki are now friends." thank you, Facebook!

W - Paulo Souza shared a Yushin Okami fan page: 岡見勇信 ,Yushin Okami fans ,ファン

岡見大神は ( 冈见勇信 大神ユシン ? 、1981年7月21日生まれ)である日本の 総合格闘技家 。 彼は現在で戦うミドル級のためにアルティメットファイティングチャンピオンシップ (UFC)。

W - here's the trailer for PRO Fighting MMA's next event, a Heavyweight tournament.

PRO Fighting 6 MMA Promo
Get Ready for PRO Fighting 6: "MMA Heavyweight Grand Prix" Seldomly seen, PRO Fighting has invited 8 top notch Heavyweights to throwdown in Taipei

W - Mark Striegl won in his last match at Legend Fighting Championship, his opponent dropped out at Pacific Xtreme Combat, and now he's set to fight again in PRO Fighting MMA against Daniel Mashamaite.

Mark Striegl (5-0) will be competing at PRO Fighting 6 in one of 2 scheduled Superfights. He is currently set to faceoff against Daniel "Black Diamond" Mashamaite a former World Muay Thai Champion who has recently been transitioning to MMA & is currently (2-2 professionally). The fight will be at 63kgs. Striegl was noted for taking out Korean star Bae Yong Kim at PRO Fighting 4. At the time Bae Yong Kim was 13-3 in Pro Shooto & one fight away from getting a match in the WEC, until Striegl got the Unianimous Decision on his Pro-Debut.

‎W - Kelvin Fitial wants to fight any time any place!  PRO Fighting MMA

Will PXC Heavyweght Champion Kelvin Fitial make an appearance in this Sunday's PRO Fighting GP????? Due to some current visa issues with one fighter, Kelvin Fitial volunteered to be a last minute substitute if need be.

W - RUFF锐武终极格斗 2 updates: will somebody please fight this guy? Ya Tier out, HasiTieer Teerjiang in to fight Rodrigo Caporal; another HKer on the card - Shinji Ichinose faces Wan HongChen.  HasiTieer and Ichinose round out RUFF 2 fight card

锐武终极格斗是首个中国综合格斗官方网站, 锐武作为中国综合格斗, 也是中国综合格斗官网, 其形式包括终极格斗, 自由格斗, 自由搏击, 武术等让中国体育和公众了解到什么是中国综合格斗, 什么是中国mma.

W - Rodrigo Caporal's comment on his upcoming battle in RUFF锐武终极格斗: "I watched my opponent's videos ... his stand up is very lethal, ground skills are adequate, but I am Jujitsu black belt, once he gives me a hole, I certainly will not miss the opportunity, bring it to the ground. The ground is my world. ”

W - this weekend, Hong Kong's Rodrigo Caporal and Irshaad Sayed are set to take on two Xi'An Sports University opponents at RUFF锐武终极格斗 2 in Chongqing, Jerin Valel is again overseeing the action.
RUFF2锐武终极格斗登陆重庆 17日将震撼开打_体育_腾讯网

W - in the news: Joel Resnick speaking about the fighter tryouts in Chongqing this week for RUFF锐武终极格斗 :

W -  Brittany Ann Decker shares the epic card at DEEP 56 Impact on this coming Saturday:
Yoshitomo Watanabe VS Kosei Kubota
Tomoya Kato VS Muneyuki Sato
Seigo Mizuguchi VS Kim Chang-Hee
Juri Ohara VS Takahiro Kajita
...See More
12.16 DEEP 56 IMPACT 対戦カード追加 -

W - again, Brittany Ann Decker's got the goods: Satoshi Ishii agreed to fight Fedor on NYE.

via Satoshi Ishii: GANBATTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! "My fight is coming up with Fedor Emelianenko on December 31. Check it out!! 1...2...3...Hard work!! 大晦日にヒョードル戦が決まりました。 頑張ります‼" 

‎W - Kazunori Shibata shares: "Genkidesuka NYE is going to be broadcasted live on Nico Nico Live. The program consists of 3 parts. Part 1 & Part 2 are free sections and Part 3 costs 2000 Japanese yen to watch. Part 3 should be DREAM part, I believe. You can pay it with credit card. Why don't you try it with Google translate? ;)"

FieLDS presents FIGHT FOR JAPAN『元気ですか!! 大晦日!! 2011』 - ニコニコ生放送

W - Sherdog reports that Megumi "Mega Megu" Fujii has verbally agreed to fight on theDream (MMA) NYE card:  Women’s Pound-for-Pounder Fujii Gets New Year’s Eve Date at Dream

W - the new preview for DREAM NYE "Genki Desu Ka!"  ヒョードル×石井慧PV/12・31元気ですか!! 大晦日!!

‎W - Dare Championship announces the 3rd fight on DARE 1/12 cardArnaud TheGame Lepont versus Cris Haja:  THE GAME vs HAJA 

W - the exciting future of home-grown MMA in Thailand! two unbeaten amateur MMA fighters - Judoka Tondamrong Panjabutra and traditional Muay Chaiya boxer Teerapak Saetae - are the next bout announced by Dare Fight Sports for Dare Championship 1/12:

W - ONE Fighting Championship 2:  with stadium seating for under $15USD, ringside seating with drinks and dinner, and ticket sales 2 months in advance (+10% early bird discount), everything is going the right way to this being a sold out event. now, if we could only see a fight card... hint hint. ONE Fighting Championship “Battle Of Heroes” -

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