On this edition of No Holds Barred, host Eddie Goldman speaks with mixed martial arts fighter and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champion Rolles Gracie.

On Saturday, February 11, Rolles Gracie will be facing the more experienced and larger Bob Sapp in a heavyweight bout on the ONE Fighting Championship card at the Kelapa Gading Sports Mall in Jakarta, Indonesia.

We spoke with Rolles Gracie by phone Tuesday evening about what to expect in this fight. While some see this as an easy win for this member of the legendary Gracie family, Rolles dismissed such thinking and explained why he views Bob Sapp as a very dangerous opponent. He explained why his loss in UFC two years ago actually helped him improve as a fighter, and to what he attributes that defeat. He discussed his preparation for this fight, which included training with Rashad Evans and Mike Van Arsdale, why he is looking forward to fighting once again in Asia and for ONE FC, why it is better for fighters if there is not a monopoly in mixed martial arts, why he aims to finish all his fights, and more.


ONE Fighting Championship™ announces 10-year deal with ESPN STAR Sports

30 January, 2012 - Singapore: ONE Fighting Championship™, Asia’s largest MMA organization, announces a 10-year media partnership with ESPN STAR Sports, Asia’s biggest sports content provider. This partnership marks the largest MMA media deal in Asian history and includes showcasing the best Asian mixed martial artists against one another through a series of events across all the major cities in Asia.

Victor Cui, CEO of ONE Fighting Championship, said, “Asia has been the birthplace and home to martial arts for the last 5,000 years and ONE Fighting Championship has a vision of bringing mixed martial arts to the 3.9 billion people living in Asia. ESPN STAR Sports, Asia’s biggest provider of sports content, is a wonderful partner to help with that mission.”


Mike Haskamp, Legend Fighting Championship Managing Director, is on this edition of No Holds Barred.  He talks about how MMA is developing in China and in Asia, and announces a new broadcast agreement.  "Legend FC has signed a distribution and syndication agreement with ESPN International," Haskamp informed, to "widen our broadcast footprint globally". Check out Eddie Goldman's site for the latest in depth interview, or listen on Podomatic, and read the ESPN press release below.


Evolve MMA in Singapore is the brainchild of founder Chatri Sityodtong. Chatri's deep background as a Muay Thai fighter and his success as an entrepreneur led him to the concept of a full-on, full-service, fully-operational MMA fighters' gym. Accommodating world champions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and now wrestling who teach and hold fight camps at Evolve MMA, the first generation of professional MMA fighters to be born and bred there are starting to emerge.  How do we know?  This epic Evolve / ONE FC contract signing video, of course!  Now Coach Chatri can add movie actor to his long list of credentials.


Our sister site BJJ Asia has put a little teaser up.  On Monday at noon, a new contest will be announced.  As if you weren't already dealing with enough anticipation for announcements coming from ONE FC, Legend FC, and Super Fight League.  Luke Chaya said he's just scored a bunch of great prizes.  We heard it has a little something to do with MMA, so... make sure you check it out and participate!




1/21 - SHOOTO Gig 8, Japan
1/22 - ZST! RINGS, Japan
1/22 - ZST! SWAT 10+BG 9,

1/29 - DEEP Fuji Festival, JP
1/31 - ONE FC Press Conference, Singapore

On this edition of No Holds Barred, host Eddie Goldman speaks with the journalist, writer, and our Hong Kong-based Asian correspondent, Lee Li, who publishes the web site MMA in Asia.


WongSik "Parky" Park made his MMA debut in 2006 before he was 20 years old.  Now with a record of 9-3-1 in some of the biggest competitions in Asia, and his mandatory military service almost behind him, he's ready and eager to get back on his path to a championship belt.

Parky's MMA debut was at Japan's MARS 5.  Both he and Team MAD teammate Bae MyoungHo suffered losses that outing, but then launched into winning streaks securing spots in M-1.  And that's where the similarity in the Legend FC Welterweight champion's and Parky's careers diverged.

Parky was given the opportunity to fight in DEEP, and he went on a tear.  At DEEP 41st Impact, he shared the card with Tomoya Miyashita, Joe Taimanglo, Hiromitsu Kanehara, Kazuyuki Miyata, and Kazunori Kikuno who won the grand prix and captured the DEEP Lightweight belt.  Parky faced Naoki Matsushita - an 8-year veteran of the JMMA scene with an impressive list of past opponents - and handed him his first 1st round loss in three years.  In his next six fights, he continued the carnage and never saw a fight go to decision, or even out of the 1st round.


Well, great, now my picture's out there.  Get out your darts!

I spent the last day of the Year of the Rabbit speaking with Eddie Goldman about MMA in Asia. You can listen to the podcast here.  We covered everything from DREAM's New Years Eve event to the upcoming double headers in February: ONE FC and Legend FC on the 11th, and URCC and PXC on the 18th.  Other topics we discussed were the need for regulation in the sport, some important fighters/matches to watch, and the recently announced advent of India's first professional MMA promotion, Super Fight League.  Apologies to anyone that we might not have covered!  We'll make sure to fit you in next time.


Happy Lunar New Year!
You give all year round to MMA in Asia, now MMA in Asia will give back.
You don't have to choose your favorite... they are all winners!
In order of promotion name A to Z, here they are.


1/13 - URCC Cebu 7, Cebu, Philippines

1/21 - SHOOTO Gig 8, Tokyo, Japan
1/22 - ZST! RINGS, Japan
1/22 - ZST! SWAT 10+BG 9, Japan
1/30 - ONE FC Press Conference

W - Super Fight League announced in  INDIA
MMAinASIA first to break it: SUPER FIGHT LEAGUE launched - Major MMA Promotion in India   Daniel Isaac, BJJ/MMA pioneer in India and owner of Tigers Gym India announces the country's first professional organized MMA league with Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt And Raj Kundra,  CEO Ken Pavia. SFL  in Mumbai - six of India's fighters will take on International fighters. Main Event - Super Heavy Weight Fight: James Thompson versus Bob Sapp. MMA in Asia:  Youtube:  Launch 'Super Fight League'

Cristiano Kaminishi: Japan's HEAT Champion

When Cristiano Kaminishi left Brazil for Japan, he wasn’t really thinking about the Japanese half of his ancestry, he wasn't thinking about PRIDE, or MMA, not even jiu jitsu. He was just a seventeen-year old young man with hopes of working hard and making enough money to return to Brazil and have a nicer life. Maybe buy a house and have a car one day. He never guessed that his journey to a foreign country would also be a journey into a completely different way of life. Now Cristiano's possessions are not those he's bought, they are those he's earned: uncountable Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gold medals and the HEAT MMA Heavyweight Championship Belt. He still wants that house, car, and a family in Brazil. However, they can wait a bit longer; there are still other belts he wants to claim first. 

I was on my way to meet Cristiano at Grips Gym for this interview when I coincidentally stumbled upon him in the street. Perhaps 'stumbled upon' isn't the best description of what happened - more like recognized him, thought 'whoa that guy is HUGE', and stopped dead in my tracks. Of course this is Hong Kong and the 189cm HEAT Heavyweight Champion towers above most of the locals.  His gentle and polite demeanor, molded by years in Japan, is an interesting contrast to his appearance.  When he smiles, dimples come out, and it's hard to imagine this nice could could ever knock anyone TF out.

We sat down to talk on the mats as fellow black belt Rodrigo Caporal's evening class was warming up. I'd researched Cristiano, and there wasn't much in English about him. Some Tatame interviews in Portuguese and links to his profiles in the organizations he's fought in were about the extent of his online existence. He told me he's never liked interviews or press; he doesn't want to be talked about - he just wants to work and train and fight. Even so, he is kind and talkative, quite engaging. And he was THERE when PRIDE started; he was in Tokyo training at the advent of international MMA based in Japan. So I knew there had to be much more. What Cristiano shared with me took several days. His story is unique, and very special. I feel honored he shared his experiences with me and honored I can help share them with the English-speaking world.

Year of the Dragon for RUFF China

RUFF has just announced a partnership with US-based Emmy award-winning Mandt Bros. Productions to execute six more events, a possible television series, and league events. The press release is here. 

Mandt Bros. Gets RUFF in the Land of the Dragon 
Company to Develop Groundbreaking Mixed Martial Arts League and Events in China with Exclusive Government-Sanctioned Professional MMA-Rights Holder, Ranik Ultimate Fighting Federation (RUFF)

SHANGHAI, Jan. 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- In the birthplace of kung fu and such action fighting stars as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li, the still-nascent sport of mixed martial arts (MMA) gained some muscle today when RUFF (Ranik Ultimate Fighting Federation), the first government-sanctioned professional MMA organization in China, announced a strategic partnership with L.A.-based Mandt Bros. Productions. RUFF and Mandt Bros. will collaborate on the creative development of the league and live events, with Mandt Bros. leading all television production, from one-off specials to a potential reality television series.

SUPER FIGHT LEAGUE launched - Major MMA Promotion in India

Official press release from Daniel Isaac, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/MMA pioneer in India and COO of Super Fight League:

Raj Kundra & Sanjay Dutt announce India's first Super Fight League (SFL)

Bringing “Sportainment” at its best, entrepreneur Raj Kundra and Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt come together to announce the launch of the country’s first professional organized, MMA – Mixed Martial Arts fighting League, SFL – Super Fight League.

Mixed Martial Arts, a full contact intensive combat sport, stands today not only the fastest growing sport in the world but is also a multibillion dollar industry in the west. With the thought of finding and launching the best fighters in the world, Raj Kundra & Sanjay Dutt,along with CEO Ken Pavia and COO Daniel Isaac seek to elevate the sport to new heights, bringing to the country “sportainment” at its best with a huge line up of performers, DJ's and a fight night that you will never forget!

A DREAM Come True, Part 2: "Genki Desu Ka! Fight for Japan"

See the complete photograph album on Facebook here.

The last day of 2011 was cold and gray in Tokyo.  There was nothing to distinguish it from any other: no snow, earthquakes, celebrity gossip or political upheavals.  My alarm didn't play "Baka Suvivor" when it woke me up.  The hotel staff didn't deliver a newspaper to my door heralding the return of the Last Emperor.  Nobody greeted me in the lobby with "Genki Desu Ka!"  Come on Japan, you're letting me down,  I thought.  Guess I'll have to do this 'excitement' thing on my own.

The first stop of the day was the concierge to ask for directions to Saitama Super Arena.  Given the delays and confusion I'd experienced so far, I wasn't about to risk being late or lost again.  Asking for directions in Japan will show you the kindness and precision of the Japanese, as you can see by what the concierge wrote for me.  I'm keeping it for future reference.

The second stop proved more challenging: exchanging money.  My hotel didn't take HK dollars.  The banks were closed.  Uh oh.  Fortunately a friend's hotel was able to make the exchange.  And they only took a 20% commission.  What, Japan, are you going to tell me it's more expensive here because you have to import your yen too?  Happy New Year.  Have a couple of beers on me.  Or a Mercedes.

The third and final stop turned into five stops and produced nothing.  In Japan, supposedly you can rent mobile wifi, or you can rent a data-only sim card.  You can rent one for the duration of your trip at the airport for only one million dollars, or go to an outlet to rent by the day.  As I chose the latter, I was left literally out in the cold once again.  Three shops were closed.  Two did NOT rent by the day, as advertised.  I spent the final day of 2011 and the biggest MMA event of the year without internet access for the first time.  Genki Desu Ka?  Not quite yet, but thanks for asking.

Reaching Saitama Super Arena by train was super easy.  I exited the station and saw a sign pointing in the direction of the arena.  The entrance is on the same terrace level as the station exit which is quite convenient.  After less than six minutes' walk (remind me to correct the concierge) I saw the arena looming between two buildings like an awkwardly landed spaceship - it is huge!

The passageway was lined with vendors selling all things MMA-related: gloves, supplements, t-shirts.  In the square at the front of the arena, red Shinto arches led into an area fashioned a bit like an old Japanese village.  There were food stalls, a posing area for pictures, and a small stage.  Against the arena itself were the official DREAM products and vendors' stalls selling fightwear by some of the athletes like Crusher and the puroresu guys.  Kawajiri, I really AM a big fan, but I'm not paying almost five thousand yen for a t-shirt unless it comes with a seminar or a drinking session.

And then I heard that voice.  The PRIDE Lady!  Lenne Hardt was getting the fans into the mood with her trademark screeching and extraordinary lung capacity.  I began to feel like a teenager again, ready for a rock concert to begin.  The excitement was that palpable from the crowd as well.

An Interview with Ole Laursen (2011)

Fighter and Coach Ole Laursen talks about his recent injury, his Ubon Legacy Gym in Thailand, ONE Fighting Championship and the current state of MMA in Asia
(This article first appeared on August 29, 2011 at
L: Hi Ole, thanks for taking the time to speak with me. Congratulations on signing to the new and ambitious One FC promotion in Singapore. I’m very sorry to hear that you sustained an injury in training that has kept you from fighting as the co-main event in the inaugural show. Can you tell me about the injury and what’s your recovery time?

OL: I messed up in training while doing takedowns. During a really hot session, I slid in sweat and popped my knee. However, it’s not as bad as I first thought. I need a month’s rest though before can start training again. So that’s why I couldn’t do the fight.

L: That’s a disappointment to your fans, but I’m sure they will be more than happy to wait and see a healthy Ole back in the ring for the next One FC. You don’t need much of an introduction to fight fans, so I’ll just give a short background for them. You’re fighting out of your own gym, Legacy in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand. In the world of kickboxing and Muay Thai, you are a household name; you’ve fought in K-1, Shoot Boxing and the King’s Cup. You’ve fought the biggest names in your division, including Buakaw, Andy Souwer, Masato. Then you transitioned into MMA with your first fight in Hero’s in 2006. Is that about the time you opened Legacy?

OL: Actually, no, I had already opened my MMA gym in Thailand when I got the call asking if I wanted to fight Genki Sudo [at K-1’s “Hero’s” promotion branching into MMA]. I trained my ass off and did OK but lost. K-1 signed me, but they wanted me to fight in K-1 Max kickboxing not MMA, so I ended up doing a few Max fights.

L: You did more than “OK”! You got thrown right into the deep end of the pool with Genki Sudo. That was an extremely fun fight to watch! Every time I see a Genki highlight video with him jumping on you, I scream “But Ole did it first – three times!” You took everyone by surprise and you took Genki to a draw after two rounds. After the third, the decision went to Genki – you are one of only two fighters to take him to a decision. After that first amazing fight, what was going on in your head?

OL: I was high on happy vibe. I wanted more!

Friday Fight Facts #8




W - MMA in Asia: A DREAM Come True, Part 1: "Genki Desu Ka! Fight for Japan"
On New Years Eve, i was a fortunate guest of Evolve Mixed Martial Arts' founderYodchatri Sityodtong at Dream Fight For Japan: Genki Desu Ka Omisoka 2011. this is Part 1 of my experience.

W - MMA in Asia: Shinya Aoki: "One Dream - to Evolve" 
after a recap of his recent title defence at the Dream Fight For Japan: Genki Desu Ka Omisoka 2011 New Years Eve event, Shinya Aoki discusses what it was like to fight his friend, clarifies some past comments from previous interviews, and shares his excitement about his future with the fight team at Evolve Mixed Martial Arts. his coaches Yodchatri Sityodtong, Orono Vpp Evolve, and Namsaknoi Yudthagarngamtorn also share comments.

W - LOOKING FOR FIGHTERS: Taiwan. from Will TheKill Chope:
"Fighter Call Out, Looking For Fighters In Taiwan Interested In Fighting On A Pro MMA Card In Taichung At The End of March. There Will Be 6 Pro Fights And A Couple Amateur Fights As Well If Interested And Would Like To Be Involved Please Message Me For Details."

W - just announced: "Gods Fighting Championship", founded by Mark Striegl, Frank Striegl, Will TheKill Chope and Ron Rezek.
The first card will take place in Taichung, Taiwan at the end of March, 2012. confirmed on the card are French fighter Florien Garel and Taiwan's own Rocky Lee. amateur bouts will also be included to assist in The development of MMA.  The second card to be announced will take place in the Philippines.
A Facebook page will be launched this afternoon. stay tuned!

W - ‎BJJ Asia Photo contest finalists!

via Luke Chaya just announced that the 5 finalists in the photo contest are up at! GO VOTE! PHOTO CONTEST: TOP 5 FINALISTS!!!

W - DARE 1/2012 - FIGHT THE FLOODS, 1/7/12
MMA in Asia did a PBP of the DARE 1/12 event, "Fight The Floods"

Via The Fight Nation:

DARE 1/12 – Results  We at TFN would love to sit down, have a nice warm cup of Thai milk tea and write a detailed recap of all the matches that went down at DARE 1/12. However, at this very moment, we cannot do that simply because we’re too amped up by the great fights, the INSANE atmosphere and by the crazy amount of ...
The Fight Nation has full results from Dare Championship (on one page for those who seek instant gratification).

Shinya Aoki: "One Dream - to Evolve"

New Years Eve.  Over twenty thousand people sharing a single room.  Yet there is dead silence.  DREAM Lightweight Champion Shinya Aoki is facing challenger Satoru Kitaoka and the tension is palpable.  A five-round championship battle is beginning, yet the wind-up video before the fight is more a testament to the bond these brothers of the ring share, rather than a brandishing of weapons.  It is a very emotional few moments.  But, this is a battle.  It is their job, their livelihood, and their choice.  Thousands of people now sit on the edge of their seat, waiting and holding their breath as the bell rings.

Two completely different attitudes clash: at the touch gloves, Kitaoka slaps and Aoki tries a handshake that is definitely not returned.  Shinya assumes a... a Muay Thai boxing stance?  And a head kick?!  To the delight of a crowd eagerly expecting him to back up his recent comments about his new training accomplishments, he clinches and throws a knee, which leads to a takedown.  Kitaoka is able to sink a guillotine, but Aoki powers out and tries for several different submissions.  When Kitoaka escapes to standing, Aoki uses the corner like a cage to clinch and try TDs - a nice little preview of possible future cage matches!  Ref resets them in the center.  After a few moments of gauging distance, Aoki shoots in for a TD and eats a right hook on the way. Shinya's in half guard and controlling the Koala with - yes - his face, and landing a few hammerfists.  At the end Kitaoka opens; Aoki stands and drops bombs.  This was definitely Shinya's round.

At the bell, Kitaoka expects a standing battle, but Aoki slams him back into the corner with another TD.  To further Kitaoka's confusion, Aoki alternates between grappling and standing.  But Aoki can't pass Kitaoka's guard which the Koala uses to land some strikes from the bottom, and eventually Shinya returns the favor with palms to his head.  At the final minute, the ref stands them back up, Shinya finishes with some brutal kicks and it even looks like Kitaoka eats a knee as Shinya gets the final TD at the end of the round.  Definitely 2-0.

Courtesy The Fight Bulletin
Round three sees newly-minted Thai boxer Shinya Aoki come out of the corner with what looks like a training drill: 1 - gut kick (doubles over Kitaoka); 2 - clinch (gets him back in the dreaded corner); 3 - knee (Kitaoka can't defend); 4 - TD; 5 - backmount and secure a body triangle.  Twenty thousand-plus fans have just knocked the decibel recorder off the chart!  For almost two minutes, Aoki looks for a submission: twister, choke, then triangle.  It's at that point which Kitaoka escapes and now Aoki's the one on his back throwing the upkicks.  The ref stands him up.  Again Aoki sets up a double leg TD with a strong kick, but the ropes stop Kitaoka's descent.  When they reset, Aoki throws a head kick that connects with a thwap that resounds through the whole quiet arena.  Yes, a HEAD kick!  He follows it up with a clinch and more knees in the corner.  A scramble on the ground ends the third.  3-0

A DREAM Come True, Part 1: "Genki Desu Ka! Fight for Japan"

Back in November 2011, I wrote about MMA hype in Asia growing to a crescendo.  DREAM confirmed a New Years Eve show under sponsors FeILDS and IGF and started releasing fights on the card.  As if in an effort to try and trump the Japanese promotion, the UFC confirmed a return to Japan in February and released its own card, stacked with almost every Asian on the promotion's roster.  ONE FC finally announced its schedule of events in Southeast Asia for 2012, and then dropped a bomb to counter the UFC news: a fighter-sharing agreement and a co-sponsored promotion in Singapore with DREAM.

The fight cards on both promotions seemed to read like a who's-who of JMMA.  Both positive and negative assessments were made regarding both cards (I wrote an analysis of the UFC's here).  When faced with the decision of traveling to Japan to see which fight, for me, DREAM totally captivated my interest.  The previews they produced for the bantam-, feather- and lightweight matches had me on the edge of my seat screaming at the computer, my neighbors banging on the walls for me to keep it down.  And then came the final cog in the machine that set my DREAM trip into motion:

I got on the internet and bought my ticket before Evolve MMA's head honcho would realize his mistake ("Oh, that's not MMA Japan ") and rescind the invitation!

And now, PART 1 - Before the Fight!  PART 2: Fight Day will be posted in a few days.

Please allow me the guilty pleasure of slipping into fan mode for the remainder of this article.  This event was just too exciting for me personally to be able to share it in a purely informational context.  There may be moments of clarity in which I assess certain things objectively, but for the most part, I was a "full-on MMA fanatic" for the entire course of events.

Arrival to Tokyo.

On December 29th, I awoke at the hellish hour of 5am in order to make an 8am flight.  I am NOT one of those people who do the morning session on the mats and then post pictures of it on Facebook to make everyone else feel inadequate.  As I checked in and was handed my boarding pass, the nice USA Delta agent politely informed me that my flight was delayed.  Okay, no problem, how long?  Seven hours delay.  Okay, problem.  I went back home (and yes, back to sleep), and began to feel sorry for myself.  I'd asked Chatri if I could have the chance to watch Shinya Aoki's final workout before the fight, and he'd given me the time and place - Shinya's DEEP Impact official DREAM gym!  Epic stuff goes on at that gym.  If I had made the 8am flight, I would have been able to make the last session.  Later, my disappointment was compounded when friends told me that Bibiano, Chonan and a few other fighters were also on hand.  Woe was me!

Courtesy Orono
Chatri took pity on me and invited me for drinks once I finally arrived in Tokyo - at 10:30pm.  I made my way to the swank top-floor bar of the Peninsula Hotel in Ginza, only to find him camped out like a boss in the adjacent restaurant (which was closed and vacant) along with two of his coaches from Evolve, Orono and Namsaknoi, and Matt Hume.  If Chatri wants a table, Chatri gets a table.  In reality though, I suppose the bar was full and the staff were accommodating enough to provide for us.  It was a beautiful setting, with 180 degree views of Ginza and surrounding Tokyo, and the interior was softly lit with glittering accents mirroring the city lights outside.  Here's the table we sat at:

DARE 1/12 - PBP

DARE CHAMPIONSHIP 1/12: Fight The Floods, 7/1/2012

Dare Championship is live! 

first bout is Ammar Rock Tchalabi versus Andrea "Rock" Signorini.

Rock and Capo come out feeling each other's distance. Rock throws a few kicks and Capo looks to punch. in a clash, Rock lands a looping right that stumbles Capo. Rock follows him down with punches. Capo survives it and tries for an arm. Rock looks for a better gnp position and gets some nice hammerfists in until Capo gives a verbal tap. Ammar Rock Tchalabi by TKO in less than 2 minutes.

Dare Championship next bout is starting: Mangthus "The Beast" Rewtawee vs. Tanaphong "Lana Warrior" Khunhankaew.

Julio Ez is the referee. why are the outside checkers putting vaseline on the entire faces? 

i'm excited about this match - two Thai's fighting. Beast takes down and gets side control, works really heard for a kimura.
Lana reverses!
Beast gets guard and endures some gnp from Lana, but nothing seems to phase him.
Beast goees for a triangle, doesn't get it.
More gnp from Lana... and IN GUARD, Lana KO's Beast!!

Dare Championship's 3rd fight: "Ronin" Shane Wiggand versus "Mad Dog" Marko Huusansaari

Both come out box scrapping.
Mad Dog endures some elbows while going for a big TD.
Mad Dog gets full mount, and Ronin turns, giving up his back.
Eventually Ronin slips out and its back to standing!
He knocks Mad Dog down with a big right!
Ronin tries to ko him on the ground, but Mad Dog endures, and its back to standing.
Both are now tired brawlers as its going to the end of round one.

Friday Fight Facts #7




LOSS - on December 31st, the JMMA world lost 宮下トモヤ Tomoya Miyashita (17-9-7), 30 years old, to a long hard battle with cancer. a main fixture fighter of DEEP and veteran of ZST, Pancrase and GCM, he fought two notables Darren Uyenoyamaand Masakazu Imanari during his last year of active competition.  he kept a blog and shared all of his friends who came to visit.

Tomoya Miyashita MMA Stats, Pictures, News, Videos, Biography 

W - If you have a business you'd like advertised on TV in Manila, help out Dorian Price with sponsorship for his upcoming fight on February 18 on Pacific Xtreme Combat.

Dorian Price
Looking for sponsors for my MMA fight Feb 18 in Manilla Philippenes on PXC card. If you are interested please inbox me. Thanks

W - COACH WANTED: just in from Evolution Mma Mumbai: looking for an experienced MMA instructor for a period of one month to work with top amateur fighters making their professional debuts in 2012. contact Jitendra Khare at

W -  No Holds Barred: Heath Sims on Heading Evolve MMA Wrestling Program

On this edition of No Holds Barred, host Eddie Goldman speaks with Heath Sims, who has just been named to head the wrestling program at the top martial arts training organization in Asia, the Singapore-based Evolve MMA. Heath joins the Evolve staff with a long history of success in wrestling.