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I spent the last day of the Year of the Rabbit speaking with Eddie Goldman about MMA in Asia. You can listen to the podcast here.  We covered everything from DREAM's New Years Eve event to the upcoming double headers in February: ONE FC and Legend FC on the 11th, and URCC and PXC on the 18th.  Other topics we discussed were the need for regulation in the sport, some important fighters/matches to watch, and the recently announced advent of India's first professional MMA promotion, Super Fight League.  Apologies to anyone that we might not have covered!  We'll make sure to fit you in next time.

On this edition of No Holds Barred, host Eddie Goldman speaks with the journalist, writer, and our Hong King-based Asian correspondent, Lee Li, who publishes the web site MMA in Asia.
After the festivities are over for the traditional Lunar New Year, which begins January 23, there will be an explosion of mixed martial arts events throughout Asia. ONE FC has an event on Saturday, February 11, in Jakarta, Indonesia, and Legend FC has an event the same day in Macau. The following week there are two cards in the Philippines. There are numerous other events scheduled all over Asia.
We spoke by Skype with Lee Li on Sunday about this upcoming series of events. She began by discussing the Dream card from December 31 in Japan, and went on to examine the many events and fighters in these upcoming shows, including ONE FC, Legend FC, ROAD FC, URCC, PXC, RUFF, and many more. We discussed the importance of establishing effective and professional governance of MMA in the many countries of Asia, the issues related to regulation and self-regulation of these promotions, the announcement of the formation of the Super Fight League in India, and much more.
Thanks, Eddie Goldman
And be sure to catch Eddie's recent interview with Ole Laursen as well as so many other great shows he's done as of late.  Stay tuned because more big news is coming for 2012...

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