ONE FC Play-by-pay


Andy Wang vs Zorobabel Moreira on One FC:Round 1: both come out testing, Zorobabel's reach is distinctive. go for the clinch, Andy shrugs it off, and gets a thumb in the eye.  Andy takes a few minutes to recover. both toe to toe for the round, Zoro gets Andy up against the cage and throws a few good elbows. Andy stays in the game and tries to counter with left. end of round one. 
round two, Andy gets out of Zoro's guard, throws some nice kicks as Zoro gets back to his feet. Zoro gets Andy against the cage again, throws repeated elbows, one of which catches him square across the face. Andy goes down, turtles, and takes a number of unanswered punches and knees to the body until Yuji Shimada stops it at 1:29 in the 2nd round.
Seok Mo Kim vs Gregor Gracie: 
southpaw Gregor gets a takedown and mounts Kim and throws unanswered elbows and gnp for 2 minutes. goes for a top triangle. but Kim escapes! back to their feet, Kim kicks a low blow accidentally. Gregor recovers quickly. at the end of the round, an excellent exchange by both fighters!
Kim stalks, Gregor jogs. Kim lands some nice kicks, Gregor answers with a right. a stand-off for a minutes, as both fighters try for distance. at 3min, Gregor gets a takedown. he's got a sidechoke. Kim holds on, waving off the ref. Gregor gets to the side, Kim keeps trying to fight out of it, and he's out after a minute and a half. Gregor goes for full mount and gets it, now keeping Kim close instead of gnp. Kim tries to escape as Gregor goes for a choke. end of round two! 
round three, Kim stalks and cuts off the ring. again it's Kim with testing the distance with kicks. another accidental up-and-under groin kick by Kim. Gregor comes back quickly and goes for a takedown that Kim finally stuffs. Gregor keeps the hold and finally gets the takedown, Kim with 1/2 guard. in the middle of the round Gregor gets mount and again keeps Kim close, then tries to slam his head. Gregor switches to gnp then back to slam then hold. again he transitions to a sidechoke but Kim wiggles out. Gregor goes to side and back to mount, trying for something, but opting for gnp to the end of the round. the decision goes to Gregor unanimously.  

Mitch Chilson vs Eric Kelly:  

both fighters clash, Kelly gets a great front kick that send s Mitch reeling. Mitch keeps the foot and gets the takedown. Eric tries to get guard, Mitch backs out, but advances again. both fighters make quick exciting transitions on the ground and Eric gets the top position. they are back up and clinching. big knee by Eric to the head, and it cuts Mitch. the cutman is trying to stop the bleeding, which is right on the eyebrow. doc lets it go. both fighter come out swinging. Mitch tries for a takedown and Eric gets a rnc from the side standing... and Mitch is out! 

 Yoshiyuki Yoshida vs Baroni  

opening of round one, Baroni attacks, Yoshida puts him against the fence. Yoshida's trying for takedowns and subs, Baroni answers with knees. Yoshida still wears down Baroni against the fence, gets a huge takedown. Yoshiyuki has sideand tries for mount, Baroni answers with knees and punches. Baroni gets out, but gets pushed back down, head into the fence, and Yoshida rains down punches, then elbows. Yoshida is keeping Baroni against the cage and smothering him. one minute left and Baroni still has nothing to answer. Yoshiyuki tries for the back, but the cage is in the wa y, so he goes for gnp. Baroni gets up and tries to return some short uppercuts, punches but the round is over.   

round two. both fighters seem cautions, Baroni's dropping his hands a lot. Yoshiyuki is being patient. Baroni lands a few small punches. Yoshiyuki finally goes for a knee. Yuji urges the fight. Yoshida goes for a takedown, Baroni stops it and reverses to top. Yoshiyuki has 1/2 guard. Baroni is just holding, Yoshiyuki gets up. Baroni has guillotine but Yoshida is standing and Baroni's on the ground. Yoshida gets out, and goes right back to punching Baroni. Baroni gets guillotine again, Yoshida slips out, and gets Baroni's back. Baroni spins and both fighters are back up to their feet at the end of round two. 

final round, Baroni comes out like a tank, but Yoshida dumps him right on his back. Baroni is struggling to get up but Yoshiyuki is really focsing him against the cage. Baroni gets a guillotine but Yoshiyuki is keeping Baroni from closing his legs. Yoshiyuki escapes and starts smothering Baroni again. Yoshida is looking for a better position while not letting Baroni move, and he gets the mount with Baroni's head forced up against the cage. in the middle of the round, Yoshiyuki tries some gnp. Baroni's covering, but he's not trying to escape. now Yoshiyuki's going for a choke so Baroni's trying to push against the cage and out, and he gets away from the cage but not away from Yoshiyuki. one minute left and Yoshiyuki's still smothering Baroni. Yoshida goes for side control and the bell rings. Baroni won't aknowledge Yoshida after the round, but finally gives in and bows. the unanimous decision goes to Yoshiyuki Yoshida.  

Eduard Folayang vs A Sol Kwan 

main event, here we go. both fighters start off cautiously. Folayang comes in with a combination. one minute and things are still slow. a major clash of heads as both fighters engage. Folayang looks like he's thinking about a KO but Kwan keeps changing up the timing and confuses Folayang a bit. a clash of heads again as both fighters engage, their timing is so fast. Folayang gets a nice left. Folayang goes for a takedown but Kwan gets out. they are getting busier, as Kwan throws a front kick. Folayang gets some nice body kicks in and starts coming forward, now Kwan's timing is off. Folyang gets a big takedown but no position and Kwan gets back up. the round ends. 

beginning of round two. Folayang's got blood coming from his nose and a cut. Kwan attacks and Folayang counters. both fighters look fresh and game. Folayang looks to attack and Kwan looks to evade and attack when he can confuse Folayang. it turns into a slugfest and Folayang's got a cut above his eye. Folayang is aggressive, but Kwan is evading nicely and showing he can take what comes through. Matt Hume pauses the fight to have the corner check Folayang's eye. they fight continues 1/2 way through the round. Folayang is attacking with great boxing and kicks but Kwan is nicely countering and tries for a takedown, misses. it's all a stand up game now. Kwan is warned for evading. and still he evades, but finally catches a kick and tries a sweep. Folayang defends and gets Kwan down. but now they are both back up and Kwan is finally attacking, but with a wild style. a flury at the end of the round. 

final round. Folayang comes out with a kick, and Kwan counters Folayang attacks with a huge flurry and Kwan returns with his own. Folayang almost gets s the takedown. Folayang is staying busy while Kwan waits for opportunity. his first attack lands nothing. a clash and Kwan says he took a kick to the groin so Matt pauses the fight. Kwan comes back quick. there are takedowns and reversals and it's back to their feet in a flurry of activity. now it's a brawl and Folayang is being the agressor. Kwan is trying for a wild left KO but it's not connecting. Folayand again backs up Kwan with a flurry and attempts a takedown. great flurries and Kwan takes a big straight right but keeps in the game. a giant head kick from Folayang at the end of the round. Folayang gets the win.

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