Road FC announces schedule

Road FC in South Korea has just announced their new schedule of events for 2012 and detailed their previously-announced agreements with One FC, DARE, and PRO Fighting.  

The organization will cohost with One FC a Bantamweight, Lightweight and Middleweight champion versus champion card.  Road FC and One FC have agreed not to hold shows on the same date so that fighters from both promotions can appear in both promotions.

From the announcement on Facebook:

December 3rd 2011 Jang-choong stadium. The Quarterfinal Tournament for Middleweight (Section 2), Additional Special Match (All of the champion-level players are slated) - Under Card: Qualification Tournament for Bantamweight (6 matches)

March 2012 The Middleweight Semifinal, Final (One-night Tournament), The Quarterfinal Tournament Bantamweight (Section 1) - Under Card: Qualification Tournament for Lightweight (6 matches)

May 2012 The Quarterfinal Tournament Bantamweight (Section 2), The First Bout Defending for Middleweight - Under Card: Qualification Tournament for Lightweight (6 matches)

July 2012 The Bantamweight Semifinal, Final (One-night Tournament), Tournament for Lightweight (Section 1)

August 2012 ROAD FC and ONE FC co-hosted (tentative decision) - Tournament for Lightweight (Section 2, international match), The Bantamweight and Middleweight(ROAD FC Champion vs. ONE FC Champion) Non-title Match

October 2012 The Lightweight Semifinal, Final (One-night Tournament), The First Bout Defending for Bantamweight

December 2012 All of the Middleweight-, Lightweight-, Bantamweight-Champions are slated for defending the titles

1. There might be more events other than above.

2. Each Under Card match will pick players out for tournaments for each weight class from December 2011.

3. Next year, ONE FC, DARE FC and PRO Fighting MMA are planning to hold matches for eight, six and four times respectively.

We signed with the above organizations and especially with ONE FC, one of major organizations, we signed that we will not hold a match on the same day so players who belong to ROAD FC can play for ONE FC.

4. In July 2012, there will be a new MMA organization called ROAD FC KOREA.

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