2/5 - ROAD FC 006, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
2/5 - DEEP Shizuoka Impact, Shizuouka, JAPAN

2/11 - ONE FC 2, Jakarta, INDONESIA
2/11 - Legend FC 7, Macau, CHINA
2/12 - RINGS The Outsider 20, Tokyo, JAPAN
2/12 - Greg Jackson Seminar, Evolve MMA, SINGAPORE


For Immediate Release

W - Yao Honggang defends his Bantamweight Championship title at Legend Fighting Championship 7. dubbed "The Master", find out how he puts his Chinese wrestling into MMA, and how sacrifice got him where he is today at Kung Fu Magazine.

W - MMA in ASIA just got SWAG from Legend Fighting Championship! and we want to give it to you!   WIN LEGEND FC SIGNED SWAG!

W - Dubbed the "Chael Sonnen of Asia", here's Myungho Bae sharing more of his thoughts on dangerous opponent Li JingLiang at Legend Fighting Championship:  a video on our Facebook page.


W - Kiyotaka Shimizu retained his Pancrase Flyweight title, nice corner. read the recap here:  好きなもの

W - check out this photo recap of Road Fc 006 by Korean MMA Webzine Mfight. it looks near capacity in many shots, but COLD! see who you can find: 엠파이트 - 믿을 수 있는 격투기 뉴스 신세기 격투스포츠 길라잡이
L - Road Fc weigh ins: All players, except Andrew Leone's opponent Kang KyungHo, make weight. Kang is deducted 1 point each round and gives 20% of fight purse to Leone.  엠파이트 - 믿을 수 있는 격투기 뉴스 신세기 격투스포츠 길라잡이

W - ‎Shungo Oyama versus 김종대 Kim JongDae, and 이은수 Lee EunSu versus Son HyeSook, ready for the Middleweight Championship title of Road FcROAD FC 6: MWGP – Teh Vids « Featured « Iron Forges Iron

D - Rising On announces 17/3 card and rules change - away from PRIDE style.

W - Phuket Top Team - MMA Training Camp, Phuket, Thailand shares: "in the month of Febuary will have 4 yes 4 brazilian bjj black belts on the mats !  Prof. Silvio Alfredo Braga (3rd degree) Prof. Olavo (3rd degree) prof. Rodrigo praxedes (pro mma fighter & black belt) and Prof.Enrique (black belt)


W - congratulations to Ryo Chonan on the opening of his new gym: TRIBE Tokyo MMA

W - in October of 2011, BJJAT and Adam Shahir Kayoom's academy hosted a seminar to benefit the flood victims of Bangkok. i personally knew people whose houses were inundated up to the roof. help is STILL needed. please contribute if you are able.  Southeast Asia Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Fight for Thailand Flood victims DVD Teaser buy it at

W - the highlight video from RUFF锐武终极格斗 2 is up on their website. waiting to hear on a date for RUFF 3!  赛义德击败阿依登,董艳军和居马别克仍旧保持不败 - RUFFCHINA  锐武终极格斗是首个中国综合格斗官方网站, 锐武作为中国综合格斗, 也是中国综合格斗官网, 其形式包括终极格斗, 自由格斗, 自由搏击, 武术等让中国体育和公众了解到什么是中国综合格斗, 什么是中国mma.

W - Cristiano Kaminishi Seminar: if you're in Macau for Legend Fighting Championship, visit Daniel Charles Pereira's Macau Bjj for a BJJ seminar with the HEAT MMA champ .

LEGEND FC 7,  February 11

Legend Fighting Championship 7 announces Preliminary Bouts Live On YouTube

Aaron Randolph shares:  "Alright people not in the US, CANADA, AUS/NZ , you now can watch us on PPV online!!! GET SOME Asia Mma"   Legend 7 Fighting Championship on

and on in China: 武林传奇-亚太综合格斗冠军赛直播_PPTV网络电视_精彩无限PPTV视频专题  武林传奇为香港首项职业综合格斗大赛。武林传奇邀请来自亚太区各地的冠军级职业综合格斗选手参赛角逐殊荣,而参赛者可自由选用不同派别的武术争胜,例如散打、中国武术、柔术、泰拳、拳击及摔跤等。武林传奇致力在香港推动综合格斗运动,支援及培育本地选手,同时为广大观众带来精彩娱乐。武林传奇每次都为观众带来亚太区最精彩的综合格斗赛事,2月11日武林传奇七,PPTV体育将为您直播

Jumabieke Tuerxun blogs at MMA Blog: Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The industry pioneer in UFC, Strikeforce, Bellator and all things MMA (aka Ultimate Fighting). MMA news, interviews, pictures, videos and more since 1997.
Kiwi Fighter Ev Ting Replaces Choi Yeong Gwang Against Filipino Mark StrieglMark Striegl's opponent Yeong Gwang Choi pulled out due to injury, and Ev Ting - fresh of a win against Mark's teammate Will TheKill Chope - steps up to fill the position.

ONE FC 2, February 11

ONE Fighting Championship announces Battle of Heroes Live Streaming:

The largest and most prestigious event in Asian MMA has arrived in Jakarta, Indonesia! Get ready for ONE Fighting Championship 2 - Battle of Heroes this Saturday, 11 February 2012. Watch 20 champions from every major martial art around the world as they compete for honor and glory

Anton Tabuena gives background information on the fights going down at ONE Fighting Championship 2: An In-Depth Preview And Complete Guide To ONE FC 2: Battle Of Heroes

Zeus MiddleEasy analyzes the ONE Fighting Championship match up between Sambo superstar and M-1 vet Rustam Khabilov and Evolve Mixed Martial Arts Fight Team's 3rd degree black belt Rodrigo Ribeiro Ximbica:  Rustam Khabilov Pits Sambo Against Rodrigo Ribeiro's BJJ at One FC 2

Honorio Banario and Bae Young Kwon Looking to Make a Splash on One FC's Featherweight Division interviews Raymond Tiew about his fight camp atMuayFit and how he thinks his match will go down at ONE Fighting Championship : One FC 2: Raymond Tiew is ready to represent Malaysia on February 11

URCC Baguio 4, February 18

get ready for UNIVERSAL REALITY COMBAT CHAMPIONSHIP (URCC)Baguio 4: Featherweight Title defense by Ricardo Sapno against Arnold Agapito:  URCC Baguio 4: Battleground TVC

learn more about what drives UNIVERSAL REALITY COMBAT CHAMPIONSHIP (URCC) Featherweight Champion Ricardo Sapno, his hopes for an eventual match with Eric James Kelly, and how he's training for his first title defense at the URCC website.

PXC 29, February 18
PXC shares: win tickets and swag! invite your friends to like Pacific Xtreme Combat.  PXC fans get a chance to win PXC 29 tickets and a limited PXC t-shirt just by helping us get more likes on our fanpage. 10 tickets with t-shirt combos will be up for grabs. So invite your friends to like the PXC fanpage and you might just be the one to win.

here's the preview for Pacific Xtreme Combat 29 in Manila this coming weekend:  PXC 29

Pacific Xtreme Combat announces 30, back in Guam on March 3rd.  PXC 30: Rise for Japan | Teaser

March and beyond

what rematch? Eddie Alvarez talks about his excitement at rematchingShinya Aoki again, this time as a more experienced fighter:  Eddie Alvarez Plans to Prove His Worth Against Shinya Aoki |

The Fight Nation talks to Ken Pavia about his deep involvement in US MMA, the future of it in Asia, and of course Super Fight League - India hits hard.:  TFN Exclusive Interview with the Super Fight League’s CEO Ken Pavia

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