MMA in ASIA will be on the ground in Macau this coming weekend to cover Legend FC 7 at City of Dreams.  As always, we will strive to give you a comprehensive view of the excitement and action, from behind the scenes preparation to the final moments in the ring.  If you can't be here in person, check out Legend FC's broadcast schedule for Asia, Asia Pac, and overseas countries.

Added bonus: SWAG!  We will be securing posters signed by all the athletes, and - get this - Fairtex MMA gloves signed by the fighters of the two Championship title defences.

All you have to do to grab a poster is make your pick for one - or even every - fight, right down to round, method and time.  In each match, the person closest to the actual result wins.  If you want to make predictions on all matches, do it in the comments section for this post.  For individual matches, see our Facebook page (hey, we have to keep track of this stuff you know).

For a chance at the Championship fighter signed gloves, we want you to tell us why your favorite fighter is going to keep the belt or take it away in the most creative, inspiring, smack-talking, enlightening, crazy, or enthusiastic way possible.  We'll put all four winners' efforts on the site in a special post for Legend FC 7 results.

Here are your Championship fighters!

Bantamweight Champion: China Top Team's Yao "The Master" HongGang, a calculating China Shuai Jiao National Champion who spent his training camp in Las Vegas under the sponsorship of the UFC

Bantamweight Challenger: the beastly undefeated Xian Sports University sensation Juma "Bieke" Tuerxun, who handed Yao his first loss

Welterweight Champion:  Team MAD's monster mauler Bae "Wolverine" MyoungHo, veteran of MARS, DEEP, DREAM and M-1, undefeated in 2.5 years, and entertaining both in and out of the ring

Welterweight Challenger:  China Top Team's Li "The Leech" JingLiang, a Sanda champion with scary grappling, scary brawling, and even scarier smack talk



  1. This has all been a lot of fun! Thanks for the contest guys (...& gals? ) Cheers! @EWOLmma

  2. 1:Ming Yen Sung, Sub, R2 (3:37)
    2:Mark Striegl, UD
    3:Koji Ando, SD
    4:Michael Mortimer, Sub, R2 (4:20)
    5:Xian Ji, Sub, R1 (3:55)
    6:Wang Sai, KO, R1 (2:10)
    7:Hae Jun Yang, KO, R1 (1:50)
    8:Matt Cain, SD
    9:Tuerxun Jumabieke, UD
    10: Myung Ho Bae, TKO, R2 (4:12)

    Wolverine Bae will mash this little Leech like he crushed the Kiwi MacSwain and pulverized the Rolling Bear Matt Cain. Liang would like to be Legend champion but he will find out what the Wolverine is all about and after LFC 7 when Bae's hand is raised and that title is around his waist, people will point at Jing and say "He is a Leech, because he really sucks!"


  3. Can't wait to find out the winners :) I just knew Bieke was taking the belt home! Hoping I might have won a poster as well as a glove :) Thanks so much for doing this contest! --Eric W.--

  4. results from the Legend Fighting Championship SWAG contest:
    - Philip Wollschlaeger wins a signed poster for his call on Koji Ando who won his fight via submission, earning Submission of the Night.
    - Eric Wolaniuk wins a pair of official LFC Fairtex gloves signed by new Bantamweight champ Bieke, because he stood by the challenger to take the belt.
    - Jacob Millis wins a pair of official LFC Fairtex gloves signed by Welterweight champion Myungho Bae for the above comment!
    Thanks for playing! Send your mailing information to triquestmma @