DEEP Cage Impact: "Over Again" was a special event that brought out good will from teams and fans alike.  Originally billed as a card featuring fighters with average or losing records getting a chance to start "over again" along with giving some wet-behind-the-ears players a first chance in a cage, the build up of team cheerleading started well before the event.  However, it wasn't without its share of drama.

At DEEP 57th Impact, Korean shooting star featherweight Doo Ho Choi was a "no show" a week before the event began.  Gumi MMA manager Chang Seob Lee took responsibility for his fighter's presumed MIA fiasco and offered a free fight at DEEP Cage Impact.  On the day of weigh ins, it was announced that Choi's absence was due to a broken arm that for some reason the camp didn't want to disclose.  Then, Lee got on the scales at 1.5 kgs over limit and his match with T-Blood fighter Shigetoshi Iwase was scrapped, prompting a flurry of angry tweets from teammate Tatsuya Kawajiri and a public Facebook apology from Lee himself.

Courtesy Brittany Ann Decker

The main event featured a much anticipated bout between Tatsumitsu Wada of Yoshida Dojo and Takafumi Otsuka of Abe Ani Combat Club.  As the fighters from these stellar JMMA camps clashed, it was a battle to see on which side of the seesaw the win would land: Wada's career began with five straight losses which turned onto a recent run of five straight wins, while the iconic green Roman legion-skirted Otsuka has struggled to pull out a couple of wins in his last five - though against stronger opponents in the big leagues of DREAM.  Wada proved his star is indeed on the rise, as even though he was carded for an elbow, he was able to earn a decision win.  Otsuka, once the Bantamweight Champion of DEEP, sadly announced his retirement at only 25 years of age.

Katsunori Kikuno versus Satoru Kitaoka announced

Two matches were announced for a summertime card under relatively unknown promoter "10-4 Thunder" (as listed on Sherdog).  In the first, DEEP superstar Kikuno the Karateka will take on a DREAM standout the take down Koala in DEEP 58 on June 15, 2012.  Kikuno and Kitaoka both last fought on the DREAM "Genki Desu Ka" New Years Eve card four months ago, with the Karateka hammering a mixed rules win out of Yuichiro "Cosplay Kid" Nagashima and Kitaoka dropping an emotional decision to Shinya Aoki.  Cosplay plays a role in their inverted love triangle by previously kneeing unconscious Aoki in a mixed rules match, and in an ironic twist of fate, neither that win nor his mixed rules loss to Kikuno feature on anybody's record.  The Karateka had supposedly retired, but if he keeps getting fights this good, he should definitely stay in the action.

Daisuke Nakamura versus Yasuaki Kishimoto announced

On the same card, the second bout features "Flying Armbar" Nakamura pitted against one of DEEP's current standouts, Kishimoto.  Nakamura is coming off a fresh win over Akihiro Gono, and having fought in M-1, Strikeforce, and DREAM, it would be nice to see him in a promotion with a wider audience.  Gomi is getting just that when he fights as as the main event in Bellator 67 Canada against Michael Chandler just because he said "yes".  Kishimoto is getting a great opportunity to prove himself with this fight.

Official results here on DEEP website.

DEEP Cage Impact 4/7/12 results (as listed on Sherdog):

Daiki Hata def Tomomi Iwama, Decision (Split)
Yusuke Sakashita def Hiromitsu Kanehara, Decision (Unanimous)
Yuta Watanabe def  Yuki Okano, Submission (Arm-Triangle Choke)
Seiji Akao draw Tomohiko Hori
Toshihiro Shimizu def Hidehiko Hasegawa, Decision (Unanimous)
Yoichi Fukumoto def Yutaka Ueda, Submission (Heel Hook)
Masahito Hisataka def Isao Terada, Decision (Unanimous)
Juri Ohara def Yasuhiro Kawasaki, DQ (Low Blows)
Hiroki Sato def Teruhiko Kubo, Decision (Majority)
Yasutaka Ishigami def Hideki Kiyota, Decision (Unanimous)
Isamu Nagase def Yutaka Kobayashi,  Decision (Unanimous)
Chow Tegi def Hiroshi Takahashi, Decision (Split)
Shota Shidochi def Yuta Takemoto, Decision (Majority)
Toshinori Tsunemura def Takahiro Yoshida, Decision (Majority)
Koichi Ishizuka def Minotauro Hutt, TKO (Punches)
Yasufumi Suzaki draw Ho Jun Kim

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