Coach Zhao from the Xia'an Sports Institute has been a staple in the Chinese market for producing many of the best MMA athletes culled from his camp of literally hundreds of young Sanda fighters. From Art of War to Legend FC and RUFF, Xi'an Sports Institute has yielded top guys like Bao Li Gao, Zhao Zhi Long, Na Xun, Qing Ge Le, Dai Shuang Hai, Ao Hai Lin, and Wang Guan.  Beginning with an association with Art Of War in 2005 to produce some of the first events in China and culminating in fifty events under the UMAC banner, the Institute is now proud to announce the inaugural event for the Ultimate Fight Alliance - UFA 1.

From the promoter:
The Ultimate Fight Alliance was formed in early 2012 with ShaanXi Sheng Wu, Shaanxi TV Station Channel 7, and Coach Zhao Xue Jun of the Xian Sports Institute.  This is a landmark event as it the UFA will offer a platform for MMA fighters to develop themselves in China.  Fighters from all over China will be able to participate in the fight event.  There are plans for fights each month from now – July till December.  Thus there will be no shortage of action.

A break from tradition the MMA fights will be held in an octagon cage and instead of a sanda ring.  For the inaugural event 9 fights will be held with participating fighters from different teams across China such as Jiang Long Yun’s team from Hei Long Jiang, Ao Hai Lin’s from Beijing, Liu Guo Qi from Guang Zhou, and also fighters from Wuhan, Kunming.

On to the fight card:

9. 杨 亮 Yang Liang versus 神 鳄 Sheng Er, 60kg
The main event between Yang Liang and Sheng Er is very attractive to the audience. Yang Liang is one of the most well-known MMA fighters in China, having started with Art Of War in 2006 and appearing on the last three RUFF cards.  He says he is confident he will beat his opponent and gain the victory. His opponent Sheng Er, the only Thai fighter on the card, wants to prove that Muay Thai is the best martial art.  Sheng Er trains with Thai stand-out A Ting (Arthit Hanchana) in Guangzhou, China.

8. 青格勒 Qing Ge Le versus 阿日斯冷 Er Ri Si Leng, 85 kg

7.  哈斯提尔 Ha Si Ti Er 郭文硕 Guo Wen Shuo, 80 kg

6. 宣鹏飞 Yi Sheng Fei 余义江 Yu Yi Jiang, 80 kg

5. 白额尔敦苍 Bai Er Er Dun Chang 陈义彪 Chen Yi Biao, 65kg

4. 蔡东阳 Cai Dong Yang 韩建国 Han Jian Guo, 65 kg

3. 赵亚飞 Zhao Ya Fei 葛宝达 Ge Bao Da 60kg

2. 加尔肯 Jia Er Keng 包音那 Bao Yin Na, 60kg

1. 钟国威 Zhong Guo Wei 尚志法 Shang Zhi Fa, 55kg

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