A personal anniversary THANK YOU to all of our supporters:

One year ago this month, Asia MMA on Facebook, the MMA in Asia website, and our twitter account were launched.  It was apparent that the great sport of MMA was about to skyrocket - both in Asian interest and international interest in the Asian market.  We realized that there was no concise and thorough source to supply information, news, and connections focusing solely on all Asian promotions and fighters. Believing that our friends, the fighters, needed this support, we jumped into the effort with both feet.
Tracy Lee, (she makes cakes too)

The result has been positively overwhelming.  Thank you to everyone who loves this sport and has supported our efforts by reading, forwarding, and interacting with our platforms.  Deep gratitude goes out to our friends, the fighters; you warriors who choose to follow such a grueling lifestyle in a sport that is the extreme of emotional and physical stress, you deserve the highest respect.  Thank you to those warriors' support network of family, coaches, and gym mates who toil behind the scenes for another's glamor during victory, and remain the pillars of strength in moments of defeat.  Thank you to the upstanding and proven promoters who build the statuses, provide the battlefields, fund the livelihoods, and protect the safety of the athletes in this incredible high-octane sport.

Thank you to our sponsors throughout the year: Jaded MMA gear, Triquest MMA, POSS compression wear and - without you, this wouldn't be possible.

It is our pleasure to announce that big things are happening with our platforms this month.  A new and vastly improved website will be launched that will provide the features and resources we first envisioned one year ago.  Our list of correspondents from all corners of Asia will grow, and our ability to supply information to all countries will grow along with it.  The website may be down at some point while we carry out the upgrades, so please bear with us.  We'll be done with our business soon.  And yes, that is a toilet cake of the Asian persuasion.  Thank you Google (and thank you - we always try to quote our sources).


  1. As they Say in Mandarin: JIA YOU!

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