After the weigh ins, we had the chance to catch up with a few of the Korean and Chinese fighters on the card.  Here are a few of their thoughts ahead of Legend FC 9.


How do you feel to be back fighting in Legend FC?

First, I'm so happy because I'm back.  I trained so much.  I'm glad to show my ability.

What do you think about your opponent (Rob Lisita)?

My opponent is strong, but his skill is not specific.  So I have a way to defeat him.

After coming back from a long lay off, how was your weight cut?

I feel dizzy, and it was hard to cut.  I had no match for one year.  But I want to keep my promise.

What do you think about your opponent's missing weight?

I'm disappointed because as a professional, he didn't keep his promise.  But I think he will succeed.

How do you think the fight will finish?

Whatever.  But it will end in the second round.  I won't let it go to the third.


In your last fight which was in Shooto, you fought a legend, BJ Kojima, and won by decision.  How did you feel about this win?

Well, he failed to make weight at first.  It took him three hours, so his condition was not so good.  Although I won, I didn't show my best ability.

How do you feel about getting another high-profile opponent?

I'm just enjoying the matches.  I don't care about ranking, I'm just doing my best.

What are your thoughts on Taiyo?

I've been training so hard - four times a day - since my last fight, every day.  This has been hard to me.  I promise to show that I have a different, stronger style now.

What did you focus on for this camp?

I focused on my physical training because I'm small.  Then on striking.  Legend likes striking.  If my opponent doesn't back up, it will be the best game of the night!

How do you think it will end?

For this match, I focused on striking.  I want to see his blood.


How do you feel about your opponent?

His  reach will give me problems.  When I go in for the takedown, he might peg me with punches, even KO me.  This is my biggest concern.

You fight in China a lot, how does fighting in Legend compare?

Legend is very professional and well organized.  The environment is fantastic.  They even prepare all the food for us!

Your last fight went to a decision, what are you doing differently now?

I'm just working with everyone.

How do you feel about so many people getting interested in Chinese MMA now?

Really?  Chinese fighters are not good enough for the world stage; there are too few people fighting MMA.  Sanda is different.

Do you have fame at home now, or do people follow Legend FC?

Sometimes I'm recognized on the street.  But I don't really know if they know what MMA is.  but everyone who knows me knows about Legend!


You were one of the guys pumped up in Art Of War.  How has MMA grown since the beginning of that promotion?

It is slowly progressing!  Foreigners have been fighting MMA way longer.  On the international stage, I have a long way to go before I fight at the same level outside of China as I do inside.

How do you feel about fighting for Legend FC now?

I am very happy.  I like to fight in an international competition.

How have you been training for your opponent?

I've been seriously training my stand up with the military police in Beijing.

How was your weight cut?

It was easy!

How do you see the fight going?

I will take him down and fight him on the ground.

It was recently announced that the UFC is planning a TUF competition in China.  How do you feel about that?

It is awesome.  If I get the chance to participate, I MUST.

Do you see yourself contesting for a title in Legend FC?

This is very important, extremely important.  If I can take the middleweight belt, my chances of fighting in the UFC are huge,

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