Legend FC 9 weigh ins are over and out of 20 fighters, 8 did NOT make weight on the first go.  After 2 hours, only co-main event Li Jingliang didn't drop the needed amount, ending up 200g over and giving 20% of his purse to Dan Pauling.  

Legend FC Commentator Vaughn "Blud" Anderson was on hand and doing his preliminary interviews.  He shares the fighters' last-minute looks at their fight camps, opponents and how they see tomorrow's action going down.

Muhammed Hanif Bin Zainal 66.34 versus Diego Cuenca 66.32

Bin Zainal is the Predator.  Won his first gold medal in TKD at 5.  Started MMA because of video games.  Trains at Muayfit.  Doesn’t respect Diego’s striking.

Diego Cuenca said, "I will push the pace in this fight.  I am equally dangerous on the feet and the ground."  He won BJ Penn's contest, won a trip to Hawaii, trained for 6 weeks, fought a Hawaiian in amateur MMA and won, and then didn't get the video.  "MMA is therapy for me," Diego says, "It's much better to punch a bag or person than a clock."  Seven years of BJJ.

Wu Chengjie 66.36 versus Daniel Hooker 66.6 (over) - passed

Wu is the "Rodeo Bull".  Getting ready to graduate university.  Wu said "My plan is to be patient and counterstrike."  Promises a good fight.  He was eating a McMuffin yesterday morning!

Daniel Hooker is well-rounded and tall, uses his reach well.  But his cardio will suffer because he's never fought at this weight and the cut was difficult for him.  Been training hard and steady for this fight.  Trained at various gyms in Phuket including Phuket Top Team, for his fight camp.  "I will find the holes in Wu's game," Hooker said.  "I was too reserved in my fight with Wu Haotian.  To those gambling on me, bet large.  I am confident that I will win.  Wu doesn't have what it takes to beat me."

Choi Yeong Gwang 66.36 versus Rob Lisita 66.96 (over) - passed

Choi said "He says he's a good wrestler - so am I.  I will use footwork and striking to win."  Haven't seen Choi in the ring for a long time; he had a knee issue that reoccurred.  Then he tore a tendon in his hand.  His total time off was one and a half years.  He's a devout Christian and felt that his time off was a trial by the Lord and gave him time to improve his weak areas.  Choi asked Vaughn to personally give him a new nickname, to retire his old one - Dr. Footlock or Dr. Toehold, which he's had for almost 10 years - because Vaughn's so respected in Korea.

"Ruthless" Rob Lisita trains at the Lion's Den in Sydney and trains striking at Mark Hunt's gym.  "Legend put me on their roster," Lisita said, "Because I fight to the death".  Started with rugby league, and he's never lost a streetfight.  "I have choked out more guys than Choi has footlocked.  If he's Dr Footlock, then I'm the Sydney Strangler."  He plans to take advantage of the rules: knee his head on the ground, cut him with elbows - "It's gonna be a messy fight."

Ji Xian 61.5 (over) - passed  versus Jack Gooderhan 61.66 (over) - passed

This is Ji Xian "The Handsome Executioner's" first fight at 61, and maybe his last.  He had trouble with the weight cut - Vaughn had to push him back into the tub a few times.  He's been training at China Top Team with their new coach, Ruy Menezes' colleague.  Trains with Wujin Sanda team and believes it is the best team.  He realized after he lost to Kawanago that he needed to improve his striking.  "I don't know much about my opponent," he said, "I only that he's technical."  He knows Jack's good on the ground but he's going to go for a submission.

Nothing on Jack Gooderham at the moment; haven't interviewed him yet.  His coach is Kenny Dunne of Shindo, and they call him the Godfather of MMA in Australia.  He learned Judo in Japan, Thailand for Muay Thai, and started putting it all together.  Then the UFC came out and he realized they were doing the same thing in tandem - a long time in the game.

Taiyo Nakahara 61.4 versus Jo Nam Jin 61.4

Taiyo "The Sun" Nakahara.  Vaughn first asked Taiyo why he had the back of the head stoppage.  "I lost control going for the kill.  This time I won't goof.  Jo is well-rounded but I will laugh when he dances.  I am here for the belt."  In regards to the there featherweight semifinal, if it goes the distance, Delarmino will knock Yao out - Yao has to finish quickly.  "I believe in Yamato Damashi - the Japanese will never surrender."

Jo said, "I learned a lot from my loss to Yao; my weaknesses are less weak and my strengths are stronger now".  Teammate Bae MyoungHo, Legend Welterweight Champ, calls him "Mini Me".  "Through Legend FC, I will conquer the world," he said,"My role model is not Michael Jackson (as everyone suspected), it's Bae." 

Hideo Tatsumi 84.28 versus Pat Crawley 83.6

Tatsumi is still bouncing at bars in Japanese bars.  He has used judo throws and pins to control thus until the police arrive.  "My last fight was a bad showing," Hideo said, "I will showcase my MMA skills this time.  I learned to be patient from the last fight."  He's going to open with punches and go to the ground for the finish.  This fight will be a turning point in his career.  "There is a belt on the horizon," he said.

Pat got injured while training with Rod MacSwain.  He was out for 7-8 months with nerve damage.  He agrees that Hideo's last fight was not his best showing and he's not overconfident in this fight.  He loves the Hard Rock Hotel pool.  "Fighting makes me confident," Pat said, "I don't fear confrontation."  He compares himself with other policemen who haven't been in a fight and says he doesn't get scared.  Pat respects Tatsumi's skills.

Yao Honggang 61.54 (over) - passed versus Agustin Delarmino Jr 60.1

Yao said "My planning was wrong in the last fight; I was surprised by his takedowns.  I will win by TKO." Are you afraid of his stand up?  "Correct."  Delarmino has good cardio and boxing.  The new coach at CTT is teaching good things.  "Delarmino is not as good as Bieke.  I'm an emotional fighter, I fight with heart."

Delarmino said "I didn’t know squat about Kara France. I know everything about Yao so I am ready.  I am prepared to fight him anywhere including the ground.  Speed is my best attribute.  Fighting is a great opportunity to represent my country and travel.  Yao’s got heart - I've been looking forward to fighting him for a long time."

Wu Haotian 70.18 versus Damien Brown 70.74 (over) - passed

Wu said "Focusing mostly on striking. I train with Wujin Sanda team, the best in Beijing.  He said I'm small?  Brown, I have huge power, you’ll see.  It will be easy. I know the rules and am familiar with Legend FC. I will win sub of the night in the first."

Damien didn't know his opponent and asked Vaughn to point out Wu.  He's a PT instructor for the army and sets up terrain-specific conditioning drills. "Wu – we will see who is in better shape on fight night," Damien said.  His training partner James "G6" Gwynne gave him the black eye.  " I got caught in last fight.  Ando was better and I made a mistake.  I didn't come here to lose."

Li Jingliang 78.18 (over) - not passed, 200g over, 20% purse to opponent versus Dan Pauling 77.82 (over) - passed

Koji Ando 70.4 versus Rob Hill 70.34

The main card interviews are done for taping previous to the lead in of the weigh ins.

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