From this morning's press release:

RUFF 3 Weigh In Results
Chongqing, CHINA – There were no major surprises at the RUFF 3 weigh-ins, as 17 of the 18 fighters made weight on their first try, with only featherweight Xue GuoBin needing an extra hour to drop an additional 200 grams to avoid penalty.
While the majority of the fighters were relaxed for the weigh in, extending an almost friendly rapport to their opponents, tensions flared for the final stare down of the day, as main event competitors Rodrigo Caporal and Zhang LiPeng engaged in a tension filled locking of the eyes, butting heads as tempers reached a peak.
Despite outside speculation that certain fighters may skip the weigh in altogether, all 18 fighters reported as scheduled after undergoing a thorough physical examination and medical check.
Cutting weight has been a topic of contention among Chinese fighters who are still adjusting to the radical weight loss regimens, but even with Jumabieke Tuerxun dropping down to bantamweight for the first time in a RUFF promotion, and Wang Guan and Ta Yier making their first appearances in the featherweight division, all the fighters were right on cue.
With weigh-ins complete, RUFF and their fighters are now set for tomorrow night’s event at the Chongqing Indoor Stadium.

RUFF 3 Official Weigh In Results*:
Zhang LiPeng 70.4kg           vs.        Rodrigo Caporal 70.4kg
Irshaad Sayed 61.4kg           vs.        Jumabieke Tuerxun 61.4kg
Jiang ZhouWen 65.5kg        vs.        Wang Guan 66.2kg
Ji Xian 66.4kg                      vs.        Xue GuoBin 66.5kg
Ayideng Jumayi 61.4kg        vs.        A Qiao 61.2kg           
Wen JunCheng 60kg            vs.        Yang Liang 59.7kg
Li BoLin 66.4kg                   vs.        Ta Yier 66.4kg
Wan HongChen 70.2kg        vs.        HasiTieer TeerJiang 70.2kg
Liu LianJie 61.2kg                vs.        Liu PingYuan 61.2kg

*all fighters are given a 500 gram overweight allowance with no penalty

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