「 柔道の組み手を活かした打撃習得講習会開催のお知らせ 」



日 時     平成24年3月25日(日)

場 所     青葉台吉田道場
横浜市青葉区つつじヶ丘1-12 ベル青葉台1F

持ち物     柔道衣

参加費     5,000円

定 員     先着20名

申込先     kaz09271979@yahoo.co.jp

Notice hitting learning lectures and seminars by utilizing the combined hands of judo sincerely congratulations more and your finds you weather of early spring,. Flying specially us heavily, we would like thank you.

This time, hitting mastery course utilizing the hand of judo in the Aoba vehicles Yoshi Tanaka Dojo 3/25/2012 will be held. Kazuhiro Nakamura learned Judo since childhood, I, I started martial arts at the age of 24.  Enter the MMA 9, first starting, PRIDE, K-1, UFC, against did let loaded much game experience in organizations such as the DREAM poles, in the.

Get technical degrees over the game know the importance of the blow, just blow can compete for boxing, kickboxing, karate Pats has various hitting practice.

Incorporates hand here number of judo, and MMA to blow found myself hitting the common in it. If you are interested doing Judo from those that the batting skills, interested in hitting,-training and not believe what they sweat fun while exchanging practice.

I would appreciate you come join.  Kindly thank you.

3/25/2012 (Recent 12:30 start)
location Aoba units Yoshida, Dojo Yokohama-shi Aoba-Ku azalea months Hill 1-12 Bell Aoba units 1F belongings uniforms ( you do not have t-shirt, short bread allowed )
(be payment in cash on the day fee of 5000 yen) capacity 20 persons registration application kaz09271979@yahoo.co.jp ※
other unknown questions please contact the above email address. (Translated by Bing)

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